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Driver health alert

On Route magazine learns why Corteco has been talking about how workshops can make a positive difference to both driver health and fleet operating costs. (First published by On Route 2 Feb 2016) Workshops love to help operators to save money on their next maintenance invoices, but if it means trading trading down by extending the

Seasonal health on garage menu

With concerns about diesel fumes still running high, garages can help customers improve the quality of air inside the car. A 5-Point Plan from Corteco could help garages guide customers towards effective improvements in the quality of the air inside their own cars. Corteco, distributor of micronAir® cabin filters, is the aftermarket distribution arm of Freudenberg,

Cabin filters fit to bust

Garages are being warned against installing cabin filters just because they look ‘more robust’. The advice, from Corteco, follows garage complaints that plastic housings on some brands of cabin filter break as they are being installed. Corteco, the aftermarket distribution arm of OE cabin filter manufacturer Freudenberg group, was aware that there was issue

Corteco solution for Mercedes suspension issue

Corteco has added a ‘fix’ for suspensions on older Mercedes C class models. Cracked, split or oil soaked trailing arm bushings will cause problems because their condition is critical for rear axle alignment. Evidence that replacement is required is likely to include a ‘clunking noise’ when cornering, negotiating roundabouts or passing over ‘speed bumps’.

Smellbox Trial Boosts Cabin Filter Sales

Scheme has  sales potential for motor factors and garages. Group Auto member All Vehicle Parts is taking part in a pilot scheme designed to help motorists take greater control over the quality of the air that they breathe when inside their cars. Market Harborough-based AVP is conducting the pilot in association with Corteco, the

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