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Garage business hanging by a thread

Repairing damaged sump plug threads  is an unreliable science that increases non-chargeable garage time, says Corteco.

Introducing an automatic sump plug replacement strategy at every oil service is not just good aftermarket workshop practice – it increases workshop efficiency.

‘It also eradicates the likelihood of an oil leak that could leave your relationship with a very good customer literally hanging by a thread,’ says Corteco sales and marketing manager Steve Jarnet.
That was the thinking behind the development of Sump Plug Merchandisers that carry new plugs and appropriate washers in individual blister packs.

‘As all relevant torque settings and application details are printed clearly on the back, each individual inexpensive unit makes replacement at every service so much more practical than a repair.’

Corteco reports that once garages are aware that motor factors have merchandisers loaded with inexpensive replacement plugs and washers for the fastest moving aftermarket part numbers in their region – at a cost that makes it worthwhile to fit ‘new’ every time – demand has always been consistently strong.


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