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Garages Tooled Up For TechPartner Programme

Garages Tooled Up For TechPartner Programme

Free training for garage mechanics and greater access to specialist tools are key elements of the TechPartner concept status recently announced by Gates.

Garage signatories undertake to participate in a Gates drive systems training programme and agree to install parts according to the correct installation procedures, using the appropriate specialist tools.

As part of their involvement, motor factors undertake to stock the specialist tools, which will be available for sale or hire.

Participating garages benefit through less rectification work and greater peace of mind thanks to an exclusively extended warranty period that is included as part of their TechPartner agreement.

“An analysis of claims shows 97% are due to installation errors, but many of those can be eliminated through training, access to good technical support and by using appropriate tools,” says Wim Goossens, Gates Marketing Director, Europe.


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