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More BHP with Lucas Oil

An engine test report from the US, this week, provides evidence why the Lucas Oil brand has such a strong record of competitive success in racing environments.

A 583 cu inch Big Chevy racing engine, sporting Brodix SR 20 cylinder heads, was tested on a dynamometer. The engine, which is typical of the kind used by leading dragster racers under tough track competition rules, is currently being used by the customer in a marine racing environment – a drag boat.

On an an initial test, after tuning and running the engine to full power, it registered 1125 BHP on the dynamometer testing rig. That test involved a 5W30 Chevron Delo oil, as favoured by the customer and his racing team.

Mike Miller, the engine builder from Southern California who carried out the test, is a regular user of Lucas Oil products and decided to compare the results against a synthetic 5W30 Lucas Oil Racing specification.

A further test produced an impressive increase in power after switching to Lucas Oil. Output immediately went up to 1145 BHP on the next dynamometer test, an increase of 20 BHP simply by switching to the Lucas Oil Racing specification.

“It’s not just about the horsepower,” said Miller. “Protecting the engine is even more important to me.”

The engine is now back in the boat and moving faster out on the water. Lucas Oil will keep you posted about its performance.

Lucas Oil says this is further evidence that engine power can be increased by choosing a better specification. It adds this is also a very good reason to encourage more road users to make the switch to Lucas Oil.





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