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‘SMQ Media is an important asset to Gates communications and has been instrumental in driving our PR activities in the UK for many years. Steve McQueen is extremely knowledgeable about the aftermarket and the relevant trade press. He always finds the right angles to stories, develops the appropriate tone and quickly adapts them to the audience.’

Patricia Vauzelle
European PR & Media Manager, Gates


‘Lucas Oil is a multi-national company with its own multi-media communications network, but in the UK, we use the services of Steve McQueen at SMQ Media. You have to be able to trust the advice of the people who manage your PR and you need to be able to take them into your confidence. You have to be able to depend on them to represent your interests. We get all that from him and we are also able to have a bit of a laugh and a joke along the way.’

Les Downey
Managing Director, Lucas Oil Products UK


‘Tri-Sphere and SMQ Media have been working together for more years than I care to remember, which says an awful lot. I think I can say with confidence that when it comes to technical writing and publicity, we are in safe hands.’

Jim Masterson
Director, Tri-Sphere

‘Over the last few years, SMQ Media has done a terrific job for Corteco and in many cases, for our customers too. We like being presented with different ideas and different approaches to media issues and we’ve been able to take advantage of some good editorial opportunities that we might otherwise have missed. I have no hesitation in recommending these services to everyone.

Steve Jarnet
Sales & Marketing Manager, Corteco UK



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