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Accidental business response from Globaljigs

Globaljig Super Rotax

The bad weather and icy roads are back.

Some ambulance fleets will be short of vehicles because of traffic accidents. This ambulance was unlucky. It will soon be back out on the road with the help of Globaljig Super Rotax technology.

The Globaljig Super Rotax is a truly all-makes measuring and pulling system. This model is a  6-metre version, which allows for larger wheelbase vehicles.

It is distributed in the UK and Ireland by Stafford-based Tri-Sphere. 

There is also a Globaljig Mobile option – often preferred by bodyshops for cleanrooms and aluminium work.

Others see the Mobile option as ideal on premises where space is restricted. The vehicle can be moved out of the way to allow for higher priority work.

Poor road conditions means opportunities for bodyshops. For the well-equipped, among them, the extra income is no accident.


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