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Santa Pod power with Lucas Oil

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Podzilla driver Drew Thornton and the rest of the Santa Pod crew prepared for the Easter weekend’s Festival of Power with the help of Lucas Oil.

Lucas Oil has agreed to supply products from its ranges of oils and additives to make sure that everything runs smoothly before, during and after all Santa Pod events in 2015.

And what’s more, everything they use will also be on sale from The Pod Shop.

“Anyone who’s here to watch the Festival of Power weekend, or plans to run a car in events like Run What Ya Brung, or Drift What Ya Brung – and even the FIA/FIM European Championship can buy and use what the professionals at Santa Pod use in their vehicles.” says Lucas Oil Managing Director Les Downey
Podzilla is driven by a 7.9 litre 1350hp engine fuelled by methanol, is fitted with a Chevrolet CK 1500 body and weighs 5 tonnes.

Heavy Duty Engine Stabilizer is the ideal additive to fortify its oil and the oil in any engine that needs to generate the kind of power that produces wining performances on the Santa Pod track. Lucas Hot Rod Oil is the brand of choice for many hotrod racers throughout the racing world, but Lucas Oil’s additives and oils ranges are just as suitable for everyday cars as they are for cars on the track.

The Lucas Oil range of additives includes Octane Boosters, Deep Clean engine products for most types of engine and fuel additives designed to improve fuel economy and reduce engine emissions.


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