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The use of bonding and riveting materials to repair the latest generation of lightweight vehicles makes choosing repair jigs more significant, says Globaljig Systems importer Tri-Sphere.

Jim Masterson, director of the Stafford-based bodyshop specialist supplier says that with vehicle manufacturers specifying the use of cold repairs wherever possible, bonding and riveting materials are more in vogue rather than the traditional spot welding approach to rejoining.

It has made the set-up and positioning of the vehicle on the jig, in the run up to the repair process, a key quality indicator.

‘It doesn’t matter whether it’s a wet repair or a dry repair job. The position in the frame is critical. It’s got to fit – first time – whether it’s a rivet or a bonding material. Second chances are very, very expensive indeed.’

Repairers of high profile marques, such as Aston Martin, are led by the vehicle manufacturer’s preferred specification. That’s always based on a careful and detailed evaluation of jig performance and ease of use over time. Globaljig, for example, has worked closely with Aston Martin to ensure that its equipment can be tailored to match specific vehicle requirements.

‘However, Globaljigs also deliver universal application with respect to the repair requirements of other marques as well, which provides the flexibility that bodyshop mangers need in order to remain competitive’ he adds.

One trend to emerge in the bonding and riveting era is the evolution of jig suppliers into bodyshop equipment suppliers.

Tri-Sphere, for example, has added the SPR Hydraulic Riveting Tool to its bodyshop tools catalogue. Powered by an air pump that delivers up to 50kN of driving force, it is also equipped with a pressure gauge that ensures its self piercing rivets (essential when dealing with tougher metals such as boron steel) can be used easily in conjunction with Globaljig Systems.

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