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Welding kit for plastic fittings

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The Stafford-based bodyshop equipment supplier has added a plastic welding kit to its expanding range of equipment for vehicle repair specialists. New from Tri-Sphere is the Ultrasonic Welding Kit. It is a versatile lightweight welding system designed to manage a range of delicate plastic welding processes in a variety of different repair situations around

Tri-Sphere on NBRA blog for panel beaters and bodyshop managers

Tri-Sphere director Jim Masterson

Globaljig Systems supplier Tri-Sphere is the latest bodyshop specialist to appear in the NBRA online blog for panel beaters and bodyshop managers. Director Jim Masterson reveals how the company started (three people from the world of bodyshop equipment  = Tri-Sphere). He talks about issues affecting the industry (such as technology and brexit) and explains

Accidental business response from Globaljigs

Globaljig Super Rotax

The bad weather and icy roads are back. Some ambulance fleets will be short of vehicles because of traffic accidents. This ambulance was unlucky. It will soon be back out on the road with the help of Globaljig Super Rotax technology. The Globaljig Super Rotax is a truly all-makes measuring and pulling system. This

Easy to C from Elma-Tech

ElmaTec Welding

The ability to replace C-arms without shutting down the welding is a major benefit to a busy bodyshop, but safety and convenience must come first. Elma-Tech welding systems are now equipped with VM3 controllers. These prevent the machines being used until the operator confirms that the alternative C-arm has been fitted. This is achieved

Globaljig Fit for Aston Martin

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Scottish-based Category ‘A’ Repairer takes delivery of brackets that are essential for chassis straightening work being carried out on prestige vehicles from the range. Willowbrae Coachworks has taken delivery of a set of Globaljig brackets designed specifically for Aston Martin vehicle repairers. The Edinburgh-based bodyshop is Aston Martin’s Category ‘A’ Repairer in Scotland. “The

Tri-Sphere into Wheel Alignment

smq media pr and services, automotive specialists

An easy to use 3D wheel alignment system with a lightweight portable console for big or small bays, is now available from Tri-Sphere. Advantages include: Fixed cameras Tyre grabbing clamps Remote controlled sensors Bluetooth 8-24 inch wheels Quick set up, 3-point quick locking, no roll-back compensation required. For more, see …ends First published

Globaljig Helps Willowbrae Meet New Challenges

smq media pr and services, automotive specialists

Willowbrae Coachworks is Scotland’s (and the UK’s) latest category ‘A’ Aston Martin body repair specialist. The Edinburgh company is celebrating 30 years in the industry. The year has started well. Accreditation Tri-Sphere installed the Globaljig Rotax in one of two aluminium-only repair bays. It is a key item of equipment because it is on the both the Aston Martin and

Laser Lock in Vision

smq media pr and services, automotive specialists

Tri-Sphere was among the suppliers invited to attend a one-day exhibition and conference for members of the Vision Network, at Donington Park. Director Jim Masterson says the ability of the Laser Lock 3D Measuring System to give point to point and live measuring, with post and pre-accident printouts with or without mechanical parts in

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