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Boost From ABDS Display


An initiative from Gates is helping to promote installer awareness about the importance of preventive maintenance on Auxiliary Belt Drive Systems (ABDS).

The OE belts and tensioners manufacturer has developed a new counter top display unit that shows the interaction and interdependence of the range of different components in the ABDS layout. It includes a multi-ribbed belt, idler pulley, torsional vibration damper (TVD), water pump fan pulley, overrunning alternator pulley (OAP) and the power steering system pulley.

The ABDS display, which stands just short of a metre high, also shows how a simple disposable plastic tool can be used to measure the degree of play/ wear between the individual ribs of the belt as well as the individual grooves of the pulleys.

This kind of attention to detail is essential as there are few visual indicators that a belt is ready for replacement. Today’s belts are designed using materials that no longer crack as a result of age and excessive wear.

After piloting the display with a number of motor factors, Gates says the feedback from motor factors has been positive, with increased satisfaction from garage customers who now appreciate the need to replace more than just the belt.

Some motor factors have mounted them at eye level, on the wall, alongside the counter, so that garage representatives see them more clearly, says sales Gates district sales manager Chris Taylor.

Gates adds that the pilot programme has contributed to an overall increase in sales of ABDS belt kits.


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