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Engineering consultancy benefits for remanufacturers

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UK-based Ricardo, the strategic engineering and environmental consultancy that advises worldwide businesses in the transport, energy and scarce resources sectors, has set up a new service called Ricardo Trnty, that could benefit remanufacturing specialists – big and small. “As the world tries to meet the challenges of building more sustainable types of transport, and

Gas platform re-use competition

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With rising numbers of North Sea production platforms approaching the end of their operational lives, plans are being drawn up to re-use and recycle the millions of tonnes of materials and equipment that will come ashore. In a November webinar hosted on Twitter by the Ellen Macarthur Foundation, industry consultants Westlord Associates outlined proposals

Scottish award for extended product lifecycles

smq media pr and services, automotive specialists

Applications/nominations for a new ‘Remanufacturing’ award for processes or products likely to demonstrate an economic, environmental or cultural impact in Scotland will close on 17th January 2020. The award, sponsored by the Scottish Institute of Remanufacturing (SIR) based at Strathclyde University, is one of many industry-based awards that will be presented at the Centre for

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