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Corteco solution for Mercedes suspension issue

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Corteco has added a ‘fix’ for suspensions on older Mercedes C class models.

Cracked, split or oil soaked trailing arm bushings will cause problems because their condition is critical for rear axle alignment. Evidence that replacement is required is likely to include a ‘clunking noise’ when cornering, negotiating roundabouts or passing over ‘speed bumps’.

A sign of uneven wear to tyres is further evidence that the trailing arm bushing has been prematurely compromised by wear.

Part number 80001303 is the ideal replacement, says the company.

Corteco has also issued some service advise advice concerning cabin filter replacement.

“Premium range micronAir cabin filters with activated carbon, are the OE fitment for these models” says product manager Satbinder Rana. “Installing a standard or non-carbon activated cabin filter actually represents a downgrade for the customer. ”

As the aftermarket distribution arm for Freudenberg, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cabin filters for OE and the aftermarket, Corteco says cabin filters with activated carbon (Corteco part no.80001527) add protection from smells and gases drawn in through the air in-take. Corteco contends that customers made aware of this are more likely to specify an upgrade to the premium option if given the choice.



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