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DPF recycling opportunities abroad

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Ceramex is on the hunt for partners in a bid to establish an international network of specialist Diesel Particulate Filter remanufacturers for the passenger car market.

Its Hexadex brand is already established as a DPF remanufacturer to the OE heavy duty markets in Europe and has a joint venture business in the US.

Much of the heavy duty market for reman DPFs is centred on the OE market. Most DPFs are often due for replacement at least once inside the warranty period because of the high mileages involved. By the time car DPFs become clogged, most cars are already in the aftermarket, so now the UK based company, thinks the time is right to broaden its horizons:

“On a wider scale, we are interested in joint venture activities but we are really looking at supplying equipment for companies who are keen to establish their own start-up operations. That might involve the supply of equipment and a licensing arrangement,” says Ceramex managing director Dr Rob Rule(pictured left).

Operations supervisor Mike Ansell (seen right) says an ideal start-up partner is any established remanufacturer in any country with an understanding of the market and access to established networks of garages and parts distributors.

Previous experience in DPF remanufacturing is unlikely, so it is not a prerequisite, adds Rob Rule.


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