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Drive System Installer Warning

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Corteco has warned that although some Torsional Vibration Damper (TVD) bolts may be common to a number of different vehicle models, they are not a universal fit.

“Each one is matched to, and balanced for, individual models,” says the company.

Moreover, it adds that TVD bolts are designed to ‘stretch’ with use, which means that once used, bolts must never be re-fitted.

“Re-fitting used bolts leads to inevitable issues with TVDs and the other components in the drive system. Re-use makes early drive system failure inevitable,” adds Corteco.IMG_0063

Corteco, the aftermarket distribution arm of OE component manufacturer Freudenberg, is helping to make the need to use freshly supplied TVD bolts with every new installation clearer, by supplying TVD kits.

These are supplied “installer friendly”. They are delivered complete with TVD, TVD bolts, tensioning screws, mounting instructions plus images for each application. Essential installer information about correct torque settings and appropriate tools is also included.


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