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Easy to C from Elma-Tech

ElmaTec Welding

The ability to replace C-arms without shutting down the welding is a major benefit to a busy bodyshop, but safety and convenience must come first.

Elma-Tech welding systems are now equipped with VM3 controllers. These prevent the machines being used until the operator confirms that the alternative C-arm has been fitted. This is achieved with a press-button acknowledgement. It stops the machine from being accidentally switched on without protection from the water cooling system.Easy to C from Elma-Tech

Thanks to the VM3, C-arm replacement is now a totally dry process. Pre-set welding procedures are faster to recall, quicker to activate and easier to change.

VM3 controllers also allow individual welding jobs to become more straightforward. A result is that professional OE welds of up to 13kA are more easily achieved. Selecting each process is simple thanks to a 7-inch high definition (800 x 400 resolution) TFT LCD front panel colour display.

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