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Seven Problem Solving Ideas for Winter Maintenance

Seven Problem Solving Ideas for Winter Maintenance from Lucas Oil

As grit-spreading becomes a regular feature on UK roads, Lucas Oil has published a checklist of problem solving additives and lubricants. Seasonal Checklist for Additives and Lubricants Tool Box Buddy (anti-rust) Power Steering Stop Leak Extreme Cold Weather Treatment Upper Cylinder Lubricant (fuel systems cleaner) Diesel Deep Clean Complete Engine Treatment (fuel and oil

Lucas Oil’s HGV Check-List for Winter

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Operators should make preparations for winter journeys now, says Lucas Oil. Although many tractive units and trailers have on-board systems that feature automatic lubrication, winter servicing jobs remain an essential part of the seasonal workshop routine. The company says that some of the products in the range that can deliver the protection fleet operators

Gates Gets Technical About Oil

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Contamination from external sources is a common cause of premature timing belt failure. Oil is particularly destructive. If it enters the drive system and gets between the belt and the pulleys, it becomes subject to intense pressure. As it is a liquid, oil cannot be compressed. Consequently, it becomes injected into the belt. The

Oil leak risks plugged

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Potential for damage to plugs and threads, as well as higher risks from oil loss through leaks should be a thing of the past, says Corteco. Garages are being advised to replace sump plugs as part of their standard oil service. “Re-using old plugs is an unnecessary risk that garages should rule out,” says

Clutch failure causes identified

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Corteco says problems caused by a simple oil seal are adversely affecting some straightforward clutch replacements. Premature clutch failures on some cars are more likely to occur in the UK than in other European markets, says Corteco. Clutch input shaft sleeves (also known as quills or guide bushes) are a design feature on a

Drive System Installer Warning

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Corteco has warned that although some Torsional Vibration Damper (TVD) bolts may be common to a number of different vehicle models, they are not a universal fit. “Each one is matched to, and balanced for, individual models,” says the company. Moreover, it adds that TVD bolts are designed to ‘stretch’ with use, which means

Seal Up Repair Business

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Independent garages are missing out on emerging revenue opportunities in the ‘dynamic gasket’ market, says Corteco. Valve stem seals, cam seals and crankshaft seals are increasingly regarded as dynamic gaskets and they are the keys to developing a market currently dominated by Original Equipment Service providers, says Corteco. As well as establishing the perfect

Technical Edge for Garages

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Fast Parts is among the first motor factors in the UK to provide garages with an opportunity to sign up to a new initiative from Gates, called TechPartner. TechPartner is a three-way agreement that unites the supplier, the motor factor and garage customers in a programme that is designed to improve drive systems maintenance

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