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Engineering consultancy benefits for remanufacturers

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UK-based Ricardo, the strategic engineering and environmental consultancy that advises worldwide businesses in the transport, energy and scarce resources sectors, has set up a new service called Ricardo Trnty, that could benefit remanufacturing specialists – big and small.

“As the world tries to meet the challenges of building more sustainable types of transport, and as ownership models change, the remanufacturing and recycling sector has the opportunity to play an increasingly important role in reducing the cost and complexity of bringing new products to market,” says Business Unit Leader, Sam Hassall.

Trnty is said to provide opportunities for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Tier 2 suppliers and cost sensitive businesses to engage with world-class consulting expertise at a highly competitive price.

“It was designed from the start to be an innovative, global service, providing consulting, subject matter and industry knowledge. This means what would otherwise be prohibitively expensive if sourced via traditional consulting models, is cost effective and entirely fit for purpose,” he adds.

Ricardo’s client list includes transport operators, manufacturers, energy companies, financial institutions and government agencies.

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