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Globaljig On The Boundary

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Boundary Garage, in Bury Lancashire, has installed the UK’s first 6-metre Globaljig Rotax body alignment and repair system.

Established for over 40 years, Boundary Garage has the capacity to deal with over 100 vehicles under a single roof but the addition of the latest Globaljig Rotax is a measured response to evolving vehicle technology and design.

IMG_6606In addition to its passenger car and light van repair side, Boundary Garage is a specialist in the repair of long-wheelbase 4x4s, as well as high-sided vehicles that are increasingly fitted with tail-lifts. While the extended platform length addresses long wheel-based vehicles, this latest version of the Globaljig Rotax also features a scissor lift rated at 5-tonnes. Minibus fleets and local authority vehicles can now be accommodated with ease.

Pulling towers, which run on a continuous rail around the Globaljig Rotax, deliver ten tonnes of pulling capacity from almost any angle, which is a major asset to a high-sided vehicle specialist such as Boundary Garage. The patented Globaljig mono-cube system ensures that almost any vehicle can be mounted upon it.

“As long as garages and bodyshops have enough headroom, the 6-metre Globaljig Rotax means the difference between accepting larger vehicles for repairs and turning work away,” says Tri-Sphere director Jim Masterson.


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