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Wraparound shortcuts cause injury, warns Tri-Sphere

Stafford-based garage & bodyshop equipment supplier Tri-Sphere warns that taking shortcuts with pulling and measuring systems could have serious consequences for the health of the workforce as well as the health of the finances.

Examination of crossbeams on several pulling systems recently reveals strong evidence of risk taking.

‘There are scratch marks caused by pulling chains that have been used inappropriately and it is a common practice used by many “experienced” panel beaters in bodyshops throughout the world,’ says the company.

Chains are often wrapped around the crossbeam, in order to form an anchoring point for a quick downward pull.  The problem is that there is limited control over the chain, insufficient control over the degree of pulling power, plus a risk of chain slippage.

All of these contribute to greater risks for the workforce, adds Tri-Sphere.

Apart from the danger to health, if damaged, crossbeams are expensive to replace and the equipment will be out of action until replacement parts can be sourced.

Tri-Sphere advises that use of a down pull pulley provides greater control over the direction of the pull and the consistency of the pulling action. Once secured to the aperture in the crossbeam, it provides a pulling point. It exerts complete control over the pulling chain and eliminates the potential for danger.

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