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New Diesel Additive Cleans Up

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There’s a new diesel fuel system cleaner on the shelves  – from Lucas Oil

It reduces NOX emissions, increases fuel efficiency, restores lost diesel engine power and services Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs), all at the same time.

Diesel Deep Clean treats entire fuel and exhaust systems – including catalytic converters.

Just one treatment after each oil change releases a powerful cleaning agent into the diesel fuel system. Once dispersed, the additive package dissolves the deposits that clog the DPF and impair the performances of injectors over time. A major benefit from use is the restoration of lost power that can be achieved as a result of the rejuvenating effect on the injectors.

At the same time, Diesel Deep Clean lubricates the fuel pump and helps to generate a more complete combustion burn cycle, improving fuel consumption and reducing NOX emissions in the process.

Catalytic converter-friendly, Diesel Deep Clean is also ideal for heavy-duty vehicles in large commercial vehicle fleets.

Each 473ml car and truck friendly bottle treats up to 115 litres of fuel, providing extra value for money when compared with ‘one-shot’ fuel treatment alternatives.

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