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New professional car care system for refinishers

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Cleaning and polishing products for the refinishing market have just improved – significantly, says Tri-Sphere.

MagicOne is a specialist professional all-in-one system of post refinishing aftercare.  It is a silicone-free chemical cleaning and polishing system, developed for specialist body shops by bodyshop specialists.  It includes deep cleaning abrasives and clays used for cleaning and prep work, specialist scratch removing solutions as well as polish preparations used during the post-refinishing process.

Distributor Tri-Sphere says the system includes non-abrasive cleaners that won’t endanger existing paintwork or decals, as well as polishes that will enhance the colour of dull and faded paintwork, or deliver the perfect instant showroom shine.

MagicOne has all the ingredients necessary to ensure that applied new paint jobs will match the tone and lustre of the original untouched paintwork. And the flexibility of the MagciOne system is such that users can employ and use all of the elements of the system, or pick and choose the elements that best suit their needs.

The major elements of the MagicOne system are:

Fast Green – a fast acting compound for use with foam pads and designed to remove heavy oxidation.

Blu One – a one-step abrasive cleaner that leaves no swirl marks

Purple Cut – a water-based deep scratch remover designed for use in conjunction with a rotary polisher

Polish Pink – a fast acting wax compound that can be used on new and existing paintwork surfaces, with ease

Cera Flash Gloss – a final finish blend of polish and Brazilian carnauba wax that works best on dark colours

QDS Finish Show – an instant spray on clean and showroom shine that lasts and lasts

Designed in Italy by Bellini (the manufacturer of the revolutionary REVO 180 infrared refinishing system – a system that saves up to 75% of bodyshop gas consumption costs), MagicOne is the silicone-free car care system that delivers the throughput and the quality that customers expect, without whitening rubbers or mouldings.

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