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New Tyre Bay Package from Tri-Sphere

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Introducing a new New Tyre Bay Package. It’s a two-machine, fully automatic package from

  • TS12-24 Tyre Changer
  • TS 4010 3D Dynamic Wheel Balancer

The New Tyre Package combination provides a powerful upgrade for existing equipment for tyre bays. It is also an attractive investment opportunity for garage workshops and vehicle bodyshops in search of new revenue streams.

TS 12-24 Tyre Changer

  • 240V-single phase
  • Ideal for rims of 10-26 inch diameter
  • Perfect for 1.5-20 inch rim width
  • Pneumatic assist arm handles bead lifting and pressing with ease
  • Run Flat compatible

Its many features include closed hood auto-spin, alloy wheel programmes, auto-stop/ positioning, while essential extras such as calipers and weight pliers are included.

TS 4010 Wheel Balancer

  • 10-28 inch rim diameter
  • 5-20 inch rim width
  • 40mm wheel shaftNew Tyre Bay Package from Tri-Sphere
  • LED colour monitor and step-by-step on-screen guide (audible too)

Accurate balancing every time. Auto breaking and a quick release speed nut system are included as standard. Weight location positioning pliers and a set of 3 cones also supplied.


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