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Recalibration Service Warning

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Take care when engaging a calibration service provider, says Tri-Sphere.

The Stafford-based bodyshop equipment specialist is the sole UK supplier of chassis straightening and measuring systems from Globaljig and Chief Automotive, as well as a supplier of infrared spraybooths, welding systems, lifts and riveting equipment.

Many equipment systems are similar, but each brand of jig, ramp, brake tester, dynamometer or spraybooth has its own design features and operating characteristics.

If repairs are not possible at the time of the inspection, it just exposes the workshop to delay and additional expense,” says director Jim Masterson.

Before engaging a re-calibration provider, the top five questions to ask are:

1) Is this an inspection for conformity or will actual recalibration take place?

2) What is the procedure if equipment does not pass?

3) If repairs are required, will spare parts be readily available?

4) Are all inspectors qualified and able to install replacement parts?

5) Can inspectors provide advice about equipment performance/operation?

In many cases, it is the cost of service and repair that is driving the recalibration provider culture.

Jim Masterson says that a workshop that chooses to engage calibration providers rather than a specialist service agent are often gambling with the performance of their equipment, the efficiency of their staff and their business reputation.


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