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If your gasket market is static, focus on oil seals says Corteco

While revenues on gaskets are reducing and getting smaller, advances in OE technology mean that revenue opportunities on seals are increasing, but some garages are missing out says Corteco sales and marketing manager Steve Jarnet.

“Flat gaskets and MSL technology form the backbone of what’s increasingly called the static gasket market. The revenues generated in that market are relatively unchanged. Oil seals are increasingly known as dynamic gaskets and are the keys to a well-established market that the OES is having all to itself in far too many cases.”

Dynamic gaskets are, in most cases, oil seals – such as valve stem seals, cam seals, crankshaft seals and – arguably – oil drain plugs. Many of today’s dynamic oil seals are equipped with sensors that perform a wide range of tasks, such as separating liquids from gases and helping to control emissions.

As such they are not like the 50p O-ring seals that people are more familiar with. They are seals that cost anything from £5/£50, and on some models, sometimes much more.

“That’s where there the future of the gasket revenue stream is.”

Corteco says it can help garages to transform their gasket businesses thanks to support from its parent company, Freudenberg, which is one of the world’s major OE manufacturers of dynamic oil seals. As its aftermarket distribution provider, Corteco is able to deliver the technical knowledge, breadth of range and OE quality levels necessary to enable local motor factors to compete effectively with the OE channels.

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