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Seasonal health on garage menu

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With concerns about diesel fumes still running high, garages can help customers improve the quality of air inside the car.

A 5-Point Plan from Corteco could help garages guide customers towards effective improvements in the quality of the air inside their own cars.

Corteco, distributor of micronAir® cabin filters, is the aftermarket distribution arm of Freudenberg, which is one of the world’s largest OE cabin filter suppliers.

It says that by following 5 basic steps with every customer, garages could help drivers and passengers enjoy more comfortable journeys over the long term:

  1. Warn that the air inside the car can deteriorate to a condition that is up to six times worse than it is outside, at the kerbside.
  2. Advise replacement of the existing cabin filter, with one that contains an activated carbon element.
  3. Explain that this adds a layer of protection for eyes and noses that are susceptible to irritant particles and gases drawn in through the air intake.
  4. Point out that at 55mph, a sneeze attack can mean up to 25 metres of blind driving and that clogged cabin filters increase the potential for misting on the inside of windscreens.
  5. Confirm that regular replacement makes sense to ensure prolonged protection and advise them to insist on having a new cabin filter that contains activated carbon at every

Replacing the old cabin filter now, will have a positive effect over air quality inside the vehicle over the longer term. Installing a cabin filter with activated carbon significantly enhances comfort levels because it prevents unpleasant smells and gases from entering the cabin.

Air pollution from traffic fumes can create serious issues among people with heart or lung issues, while those susceptible to airborne irritants like pollen – that increases in intensity as the summer progresses – are at risk from a further exacerbation.

“Most drivers are oblivious to the health and safety benefits cabin filter replacement on a regular basis can provide for them and their families,” says Corteco sales and marketing manager Steve Jarnet. “Next time the car is in your garage is a good time to remind them.”


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