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Seven Problem Solving Ideas for Winter Maintenance

Seven Problem Solving Ideas for Winter Maintenance from Lucas Oil

As grit-spreading becomes a regular feature on UK roads, Lucas Oil has published a checklist of problem solving additives and lubricants.

Seasonal Checklist for Additives and Lubricants

  • Tool Box Buddy (anti-rust)
  • Power Steering Stop Leak
  • Extreme Cold Weather Treatment
  • Upper Cylinder Lubricant (fuel systems cleaner)
  • Diesel Deep Clean
  • Complete Engine Treatment (fuel and oil system cleaner)
  • Heavy Duty Engine Oil Stabilizer

Rust-inhibiting lubricants such as Tool Box Buddy can prove to be the best investments inside the toolbox. As well as helping to release seized nuts or bolts, it performs essential preventive maintenance roles on safety critical parts such as disc brake calipers.

lucas upper cylinder lubricant lucas heavy duty oil stabilizerCold temperatures cause lubricants to gain viscosity. A one-shot problem solving additive such as Power Steering Stop Leak is the answer to ‘hard’ spots. Diesel fuels can be protected against sudden drops in temperature with Extreme Cold Weather Fuel Treatment.

Fuel systems can be maintained from the inside. Upper Cylinder Lubricant restores power, increases MPG and reduces emissions. These benefits are achieved by removing tars and varnishes from injectors. Lift pumps are lubricated at the same time.

Diesel Deep Clean is an ideal pre-MOT treatment, especially where emissions levels must be quickly controlled. Complete Engine Treatment is a new kind of additive technology that provides a more flexible solution for commercial workshop engineers and fleet operators. When added to fuel systems or engine blocks, it achieves the high levels of internal maintenance delivered by Upper Cylinder Lubricant and Diesel Deep Clean.

Dry starts are a major cause of up to 60% of engine wear. Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer (for mineral and synthetic engine oils) eliminates dry starts and reduces the chances of wear. It ensures all engine parts remain lubricated even if a vehicle (such as a garaged classic) has been left standing for a prolonged period over winter.


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