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Six steps to improve jig performance

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Tri-Sphere, the sole UK importer of Globaljig Systems for the UK and Ireland, has highlighted six straightforward ways that could help bodyshop managers improve efficiency and safety.

The six steps are:

1.Out of date information could lead to inappropriate remedial action and can be dangerous. Never let your data subscription lapse. Jig suppliers may charge additional fees to re-start a subscription.

2.Recalibration service providers do not include jig maintenance or repairs as part of the standard re-calibration package, so don’t assume all is well if no negative issues are included in a report.

3.Stiff and worn bearings make hard work for jig operators and increase set up times.

A service increases efficiency and extends the operational life of your investment.

4.A significant amount of set-up time can be saved by addressing any minor set-up procedures that can be carried out before the vehicle is loaded on to the jig.

5.Scratches around crossbeams can be danger signs. They might be an indication that pulling chains are being used incorrectly and without the appropriate pulley.

6.Never start a pulling procedure without first fixing safety cables.

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