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Fast Parts is among the first motor factors in the UK toIMG_7394 - Version 2 provide garages with an opportunity to sign up to a new initiative from Gates, called TechPartner.

TechPartner is a three-way agreement that unites the supplier, the motor factor and garage customers in a programme that is designed to improve drive systems maintenance practices, while at the same time, eliminating the common installation errors that generate the need to carry out expensive remedial repairs.

Andrew Vaux, from Gates Technical Training and Support Team, says:

“It’s vital that mechanics are kept up to date with developments in drive system designs and appreciate the importance of using the specialist drive system tools that are available.”

Fast Parts agrees with Gates, is inviting customers to join the TechPartner initiative and has invested in the timing belt fitting tools that can be hired when needed.

In order to become involved, garages must agree to fit Gates parts supplied by the motor factor, take part in training delivered by Gates and commit to the use of the specialist tools required to carry out the repairs.

As TechPartners, they will qualify for two years of additional warranty on top of Gates standard terms. So, that means 60,000 miles and 2 years +2 years extra.

It’s an attractive benefit, although the elimination of common problems – caused by the use of incorrect tools or the application of inappropriate installation techniques – is the bigger prize and one that will provide the biggest benefit to garages over the long term.

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